Established January 1, 2000

You walk awhile into a meadow that is lush and full of green grass and wild flowers. The sun peaks down at you through gently waving tree branches. There is a babbling brook running through the meadow. You sit down on a rock by the brook's edge and stick your feet into the cool shimmering water. You have arrived at Serenity.

Serenity: n. suh-ren-i-tee
1. the state or quality of being calm, peacefull, untroubled or tranquil.
2. a title of honor, respect, or reverence.

Serenity started out as just a name in front of my dogz names in the late 90s. Then, I made a site and I was very active in the Petz Community for many years. College, jobs and life happened and I disappeared for a long time. In 2022 I realized the petz community is alive and well so I was extremely excited to start my page back up and make new friends. I am having lots of fun and I hope Serenity and the petz community has a long life ahead of them. So thanks to everyone that has ever supported me or ever will!

Serenity's Versions

Version 11 - Starry Dreams

While rediscovering the petz community, Xoops found my old site on the wayback machine! I was able to get my old html made new graphics that would fit with it. You might notice below that I had many star themed version and I love blue and purple together. So, I created this version as a call back to my younger self. I even kept some of my old introductions and text. I will probably move away from iframes and into Divs for easier viewing on different devices, but this was a really fun one for me to make. LOADS of nostalgia.

Serenity's Old Versions :: Pre-2010

Version 10 - Mouse Invasion

The mice have invaded! This layout was so fun with deep reds and greys. I had little mice all over the place including for a Find-It. I included animated gifs throughout the layout includings Dogz blinking and paw prints running across the screen.

Version 9 - Dissolutions

My favorite colors back then; blue and purple. Even though I really liked it I got tired of it really quick for some reason.

Version 8 - Asphodel

I loved the color combo in this version. My first pink and grey layout. I had this layout up for a really long time.

Version 7 - Pugels

An updagrade of my Puppyness version.

Version 6 - Puppyness

Aww..this had a picture of a little baby pug. It was brown. I loved it and had it up for a good while. It was iframes with a left frame.

Version 5 - It's A Boo Winter

Very blue and wintery, a call back to version 1.

Version 4 - Starry Distortion

This one also had lots of stars again and I believed it was time for a change from stars so it was only up for about a week.

Version 3 - Blue Moon

This was much like "Catch a Falling Star" except it was black with all blue stars. I hexed a mini sheepie for it called Moony, which I named after my friend from Rampage. It just had one top frame inside an iframe.

Version 2 - Catch a Falling Star

I think this is one of my favorite layouts of all time! It had the colors from the "Let is Snow" version. This is my first layout with my beloved iframes. It had different stars all over. There was a side frame and a top frame inside the iframe. It featured my beloved mini sheepie Speigal.

Version 1 - Let it Snow

My first layout! I used a lot of different colors. They were pale colors of blue, pink, purple, green, and gold. It was just a simple 2 framed layout.

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