Bred Litters

My bred litters are for Petz4+. Please keep Serenity's as show prefix. Form is at bottom of page.

[M]=Male, [F]=Female. Adopted. Pick Of Litter

Velveteen Litter: Hilo X Kiora

Jonas[M] | Bayne[M] | Aurelie[F] | Arwa[M] | Mazia[F]

Oh my goodness this litter came out so cute and varied! I just love Baynes unique look with his white and cream markings so he is POL. Mazia looks a lot like her dad Hilo but with more white. The orange was a suprise and I love it. Aurelie is such a sweet cream floof! All their names mean somthing with "soft".

Rho's New Moon (Hilo) x Xoop's Dark Twinlke (Kiora)

Tamsin Litter: Wren X Misty

WreMi1[M] | WreMi2[F](Trots) | WreMi3[M] | WreMi4[F] | WreMi5[M](Trots) | WreMi6[F]

I am really happy with Serenity's first Tamsins litter. WreMi3, WreMi4 and WreMi5 have wide tails. I am in love with WreMi1's solid black eyes! Only a few inherited Wren's trotting.

Cargo's Wren Song (Wren) x Funfetti's Morning Mist (Misty)


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