My Tamsins

Tamsins were originally named and bred by Star @ Starswept. I have seen the ones with wide tails called Novia Scotia Duck Tollers as well. I have a lot that are fuzzy tamsins which are currently my favorite!

Cargo's Wren Song (Wren) | Male (Trots)

Wren reminded me of the song bird by the same name with his brown and blue eyes. He trots around everywhere and is always ready to play.

Adopted From Amanda@Cargo.

Funfetti's Morning Mist (Misty) | Female

Misty is the name of my favorite childhood book. I just love her misty grey color with those pink eyes. she alwasy wants to be the center of attention and loves to pose.

Adopted from Bunni@Funfetti.

© Raine