My Mini Dogz

These include my Muttlies, Mini Sheepies & Mini Poodles.

Serenity's Adi

Adi means "the first" and he was the first dog I hexed and adopted after my long hiatus. He is plushed and floofed (made fuzzy) and has leopard spots all over as well as a leopard chest patch, belly patch and face blaze.

Credit for the Muttlies breed file goes to Xoops@Oasis.

Serenity's Amira

My second attempt at hexing and re-learning textures. Amira is brindled all over with enlarged eyes. She had lots of butt spots and half&half face blaze and chest patch. Her and Adi are the best of friends.

Credit for the Mini Sheepies breed file goes to Bunni@Funfetti.

Funfetti's Mika

My adorable little mini poodle! This was a gift from Bunnie@Funfetti when I returned to the Petz Community! It was so sweet and such a wonderful welcoming gift. Mika means gift and I just love her poodle personality. All brindled!

Gift from Bunni@Funfetti.

© Raine