My Catz

I am beginning to adopt my first catz and I just love them. So far I am interested in Velveteens and Oshies!


Rho's New Moon (Hilo) | Male

Hilo means the first after a New Moon. He is my first cat and I just love his persian personality!

Hilo was an Easter Hunt 2022 reward from Rho@RhoPetz.


Serenity's Olivia Rose Austin (Livi) | Female

Who can resist a Minishie!! Livi is named after one of my favorite roses in my garden which is a lovely light pink like Livi's eyes. I hexed a litter for Easter that looked just like Livi and I couldn't resist keeping one for myself.

The Minishies Breed Base is from Silverfish@Swallowtail.

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